What is Charitable?

To be a charity, your purposes and key activities need to fit within one of the four arms recognized charitable purposes. We have included a description of these below. If you are looking to start a charity and need some advice on whether what you are doing might fit and be registrable as a charity get in touch.

Relief of Poverty

Relief of poverty is generally directed at people who are poor, in need, aged, or suffering genuine hardship which may include;
caring for aged, infirm
caring children, orphans,
caring for the blind, veterans, disabled
can include the provision of accommodation for elderly people, patients, relatives, emergency shelters and helping needy people (refugees).


Education includes the provision of some form of education and ensuring learning is passed on to others.
Education has included early childhood centers, schools and universities, scholarships and prizes for academic achievement, the founding of schools, technical colleges, universities, providing or improving sporting facilities for school students, the provision of museums and libraries, developing the character of young people.

Religious Purposes

Religious purposes has included any benefit for religion, ensuring religious faith has passed on to others.
Those purposes have included religious services, voluntary and missionary work, maintaining churches, including cemeteries or burial grounds.

Beneficial to the Community

Promoting public health such as education, counselling, rehabilitation services, Providing public works and services such as building roads, maintaining water supplies, creation and burial services, providing public amenities, recreational facilities, public halls, libraries, protecting the environment such as re-vegetation of forestation, conservation, improving water quality, protecting human life including emergency services, preventing cruelty and protecting the welfare of animals including animal welfare shelters and sanctuaries, facilitation social rehabilitation including integrating people back into the community.

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