established in 2021

Who are we?

James Cambridge set up the business with a vision to provide a great legal service, while taking advantage of the latest in legal technology, using cloud based automation and software.

We are dedicated to providing a great service at competitive fixed rates, without compromising on the service or quality of work.

The business is run by James who has 10 years + of experience across number of legal fields including property, business, commercial, tech trusts, wills, subdivisions, local government and charities.

James has previously worked with a broad range of clients from Listed Companies, Banks and Councils to start up tech companies, individuals and first home buyers.

how do we work?

We are an online legal firm, we deliver our services, conduct meetings mostly through digital means ( except when its really necessary to see someone) This means more flexibility for our clients with ability to conduct zoom and other meetings at times which are beneficial to our clients and even better you don’t need to take time out to physically come into our offices. We often find the ability to do a video call during lunch or after hours work better for clients who lead busy lives and don’t need another visit.

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