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Subdivision Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to Subdivide Where do I start?

The first step is to get an idea of whether you can subdivide or not, this will depend on the district plan and zoning of your property. We suggest discussing with a local surveyor to confirm the planning requirements i.e. minimum lot size in your area.

Its also a good idea to get in touch with us, so we can review your title and confirm whether there are any restrictions on your title which may limit subdivision activity i.e. a land covenant with neighbors which prevents a further subdivision of the property.

I have resource consent and my survey completed what next?

While it is good to be involved in the process from the start, if its a simple subdivision often you can get your survey plan all signed off and ready to be deposited without discussing with a lawyer.

The final step in the process is for us to apply to the land register for titles for your new subdivided allotments. If you are at this stage give us a call and we can help to complete this final stage.

I don’t know any surveyors can you recommend?

Absolutely we have worked with surveyors all over the country and can recommend a number who are great to work with.

Will my rates increase if i subdivide?

Short answer yes! Your local council will set individual rates on each new lot created. There are a number of set general charges so you will get a duplication of these.

However new rates are set 1 July in any year, if titles were issued in August then new rates wouldn’t be set for the new lots until 1 July in the following year.

If you have a large subdivision and only a few pre-sales you can also consider only issue titles for those lots you have pre-sold. Once the subdivision is done and the survey plan deposited its a simple process to issue titles for lots which you have held together in one title.

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